International Beer Day is right around the corner and you’re trying to convince your non-beer drinking spouse/friend/warden to partake in what is now becoming the most beloved day of universal celebration.  “I don’t like beer”, they may say without a hint of shame or embarrassment.  Balderdash.  They just haven’t experienced the wonders of a well crafted beer and just need a little guidance. Let’s make it easy.

The majority of beers on the market today are either ales or lagers.  Lagers tend to have a more smooth and mellow flavor while Ales are more full-bodied and slightly bitter. This is all due to the yeast and fermentation process. Lagers , German for “to store”, are fermented for longer at lower temperatures. Due to this time consuming process a lot of small breweries can’t afford the time it takes for fermentation and leave it to the big boys.  Ales are fermented at higher temperatures for a shorter period of time and contain hops, which add the bitter flavor. If you meet a time traveler from the Middle Ages, this is their beverage of choice.

The variations of Ales and Lagers are innumerable and taking the uninitiated on a journey of beer discovery will guarantee the admiration of your peers and the possibility of parole.

Happy International Beer Day!