Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to proudly introduce the new and astonishing International Beer Day website!

She is lovely, is she not? Rough edges, soothing colors, and all sorts of rich subtlety.

After the long hard work of a very talented design/development team, International Beer Day now is now a website worthy of embodying the worlds greatest celebration.

How does it feel? It feels great! Now we can finally communicate to you all the excellent things going on at IBD headquarters. For example, we’re about 20 minutes from installing the long awaited IBD Celebration Map, so that you can find festivities near you this August 5th. We’ve also had our first spotting of a real live International Beer Day sign posted in public:

International Beer Day poster in North Berkeley

I practically jumped out of my skin when a friend texted me this picture. Sure I’ve seen a lot of IBD posters, but only on the internet, and try as we might to deny it, the internet is not in fact a real place.

This poster on the other hand, is real. It is made of paper, printed with ink, held up with adhesive, and sitting out here in the real world – somewhere in North Berkeley in fact. It’s sitting in the window of a real life beer establishment.

So yes, maybe it’s a little silly to get choked up over a sign, but it can’t be helped. For me, this is a magical moment.

Six days until IBD, this year is going to rock so hard.