The day is finally upon us — it’s International Beer Day and that means it’s time to go out and celebrate beer!  By celebrating you’re joining a community of hundreds of thousands of men and women around the globe, all rejoicing in the deliciousness that is beer. Ready to celebrate? Here’s what to do:

Beer 1Tell the World!

Help make sure everyone in the world knows about International Beer Day by telling your friends on facebook and tweeting with the hashtag #IntlBeerDay.  Heck, we’ll make it even easier than that, you can just click one of the buttons below:

Tweet it! Facebook it!

Beer 2Find Your Nearest Celebration

You and your friends are going to need somewhere to go out and celebrate International Beer Day, luckily there are 278 Official IBD Events taking place all over the world!  You can find your nearest event using our Map of IBD Celebrations:

And don’t worry if there isn’t an official celebration nearby, all you really need to celebrate International Beer Day is good beer and good friends — just grab your pals, grab some brews and go start your own celebration at your favorite local pub.

Beer 3Give Your Friends the Gift of Beer

One of our favorite International Beer Day traditions is giving the gift of beer! There’s nothing quite like being handed a surprise beer and hearing, “I bring you the gift of beer” — Pick up a six-pack and give each bottle out as a gift, we guarantee you’ll make someone’s day.

We’ve also made some silly digital beers that you can send to your friends on facebook, just copy the url below the beer of your choice and post it on your friend’s wall.  Fair warning, friends who receive digital beers will probably insist that you buy them a real beer later on.

little dark beer
little light beer
little red beer


You can learn even more about how to celebrate here.
Cheers, and Happy International Beer Day!