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Call to Arms: International Beer Day

May 26, 2010

San Francisco, CA: That’s right, folks. Come this August 5th, Makers, Lovers and Sellers of beer all around the globe will finally have another reason to celebrate. A group of enterprising young men in San Francisco have declared the aforementioned, International Beer Day! The event will stand in celebration of all things beer, and an opportunity for the whole world to revel in the culture of beer, bars, and breweries.

Rather than having one centralized festival, the International Beer Day seeks to catalyze thousands of smaller celebrations all over the country and internationally. This creates a web of interconnected events akin to what takes place on St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo, except even better because International Beer Day is focused specifically on appreciating beer.

Why your establishment should participate

1. International Beer Day is about your bar – a big part of what IBD is about is celebrating the establishments who provide beer and a place to enjoy it.
2. Come August 5th, people will be looking for a place to celebrate, it’s a great opportunity to bring customers into your establishment.
3. Publicity - We’re building a list of participating bars that will be featured prominently on the IBD website. If someone’s looking for an IBD celebration in your area, we can point them in your direction.
4. Branding – As a participating bar, you’ll have access to International Beer Day imagery and logos to use for your IBD celebration.
5. Solidarity – International Beer Day is all about bringing the whole world’s beer community together in celebration, so the more the merrier.

How to Participate
There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate International Beer Day – it’s your event, so you can choose how you want it to be! Each participating venue will have a space on the IBD website to list how they’re celebrating, so be creative, come up with something exciting! Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Hosting a beer tasting
• Organizing or becoming a stop on a pub-crawl
• Booking a band to play
• Offering specials on interesting beers
• Giving some customers the gift of beer
• Dance contest with beer prizes
• Beer Trivia, with beer prizes

The main thing is that you jump in and do what makes the most sense for your establishment.

If you’re interested in being part of the fun on International Beer Day this August 5th, please reach back out to us at

And for more information, you can visit