It has just come to our attention that this Saturday, April 7th 2012, will be National Beer Day in the United States.

National Beer Day is a holiday based on a more traditional celebration by the name of New Beer’s Eve, commemorating one of the first major steps towards ending prohibition in the 1930s.

national beer day

It played out like this:  The year is 1933 and the United States has been in a state of prohibition since 1920. That’s 13 long, dry years with no booze of any kind.  But all that was about to change as President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen–Harrison Act into law, stating that on April 7th, 1933 it would once again become legal to sell beer with an alcohol content of less than 3.2% by weight.

Now that may sound like a watery beer nowadays, but after 13 hard years of prohibition the American public was overjoyed! On the evening of April 6th, thousands upon thousands of excited Americans lined up outside the country’s bars and breweries, waiting for midnight when they would once again know the sweet taste of beer. When midnight struck, citizens around the country erupted into beer-fueled celebration, earning the night the enduring title New Beer’s Eve.

Fast forward to modern day, and the celebration of this event has expanded into the day of April 7th itself in addition to the evening of April 6th, taking on the name National Beer Day.

We here at International Beer Day HQ fully intend to spend this Thursday in celebration, reveling in the deliciousness that is beer.  So if you’ve got the time and a love for beer, take some time to honor this historic day in history when our people got their beer back, by knocking back a cold one. Even if you live outside the US, we’re pretty sure you’re still invited to partake.

Happy National Beer Day everyone!