As 2010 came to a close I found myself thinking a lot about how last year’s International Beer Day went. IBD 2010 exceeded my wildest expectations, it was an uproarious eruption of the world’s love for beer, sung in thousands of voices across the globe. As I sat reminiscing on the year’s celebrations, I got to thinking about what I want for International Beer Day in 2011 — about what would make International Beer Day even better.

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And so I present to you the fruit of that contemplation, the Belated 2011 International Beer Day New Years Resolutions.  (Yes I realize we’re nearly two months into 2011, that’s why they’re belated.)

Resolution #1: More Celebrations in More Cities

There were more than 100 recorded IBD celebrations in 2010, but many people still lived in cities where no official celebrations were being held.  Not only are we making an effort to reach drastically more bars for 2011, we’re also building a way for folks like yourself to tell your favorite bar all about International Beer Day with the click of a button! That way you can get your local bartenders in on the action, easy as pie.

Resolution #2: More Celebrations Outside USA

In 2010, there were verified International Beer Day celebrations in 10 countries that we know of: The USA, Canada, Israel, Estonia, England, Turkey, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa. (If you celebrated IBD in another country, let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list.) For 2011, we’re really ramping up our goals and shooting for celebrations in no fewer than 50 countries, plus more individual celebrations in each!

For this reason, we’re looking for folks who are fluent in both English and an additional language to help us translate the IBD website, so that the whole world can easily learn about International Beer Day, no matter what language they speak.  If that’s you, be a hero to IBD and contact us today.

Resolution #3: Get Breweries in on the Action

IBD is in a large part about celebrating the noble work of brewers, those fine men and women who craft and bring us our beer.  Last year International Beer Day was largely held up by local bars and individual citizens of the world.  For 2011 we’re aiming to get way more breweries holding celebrations!

Come New Belgium, come Sierra Nevada, come Anchor and Bell’s. Come Magic Hat, Flying Dog, Dogfish Head and Lagunitas.  Come breweries of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life — from Anheuser-Busch to Craft Brewers to Homebrewers.  August 5th is our day to raise a frosty mug to your hard work and achievements, so drop us a line to get involved, then join us in beertastic jubilation!

Ambitious goals, I know, but that’s how we roll here at IBD Headquarters.  Have a Happy (incredibly belated) New Year, and let’s make 2011 the best year for International Beer Day yet!