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Sponsor International Beer Day

Good News!

International Beer Day is now accepting sponsors for 2013. By supporting International Beer Day your brand will be encouraging the growth of an event celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people at hundreds of establishments all around the globe.

Let's face it, a couple of guys working their butts off can only get so much done in their spare time. We've got a lot of big ideas for International Beer Day, and with sponsorship we can finally have the resources make International Beer Day the glorious event it deserves to be.

And for the record, we think there are plenty of companies that don't sell beer that would still make perfectly relevant IBD sponsors, a pain reliever for instance:

"International Beer Day, brought to you by Tylenol."
- Best sponsorship opportunity, ever.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor and think you brand is a good match for International Beer Day, drop us a line at sponsors [at] or use the form at the bottom of this page.

What's in it for your brand

  • Exposure to hundreds of thousands of excited beer drinkers on August 2nd
  • Prominent banner placement on the IBD website
  • Logo placement on the IBD Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Dedicated Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Logo placement on the IBD Event, with more than 100k planning to attend
  • A dedicated page on the International Beer Day website
  • Use of International Beer Day name, logos, and designs
  • The knowledge that you're helping an awesome celebration flourish.

What's in it for us

An operating budget which will allow us to:

  • Dedicate more time to International Beer Day
  • Create awesome IBD gear to give away
  • Establish offices
  • Build more buzz
  • Better propagate IBD throughout the world

What's in it for everyone

A grander International Beer Day

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