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Get Involved with International Beer Day

If you're interested in helping out with International Beer Day there are a whole lot of ways you can get involved. To save you some time, we've broken the list down into manageable bite-sized pieces:

Bar Managers | Breweries | Restaurants | Bloggers | Press | Regular Folks

Bar Owners/Managers

Beer selling establishments are the cornerstone of International Beer Day, so there are plenty of ways for Bars Pubs and Beer Gardens to get involved:

  • Plan a Celebration for August 5th:
    • Bring in a New/Special/Rare beer
    • Offer beer flights or deals on brews
    • Organize a pub crawl with neighboring bars
    • Give revelers a night to remember!
  • Sign up as an official International Beer Day event
  • Encourage your distributors to offer beer promotions 
  • Proclaim your International Beer Day celebration to the world by placing one of our IBD banners on your website


When it comes down to it, brewers and breweries are really the heroes of International Beer Day, and we invite you to help the world celebrate your cumulative centuries of hard work bringing the word its beer.  How you ask?

  • Encourage bars that carry your beers to host IBD events
  • If your brewery has a public outlet, throw an IBD celebration!
  • Proclaim International Beer Day to the world by placing an IBD banner on your brewery website
  • Or best of all:  Brew up a special new beer for IBD


These days Beer has earned a serious place on the menu, moving gradually towards a culinary acceptance on par with that of wine.  Therefore, any restaurant that serves beer, wether it be pub grub or fine dining, has earned a place amongst the world's International Beer Day celebrations.  Here's how to get involved:

  • Offer a special beer themed menu for August 5th
  • Plan delicious beer pairings
  • Sign up to have your restaurant listed on the official map of IBD Celebrations
  • Place an IBD banner on your restaurant's website


Beer news travels fast these days, in a large part thanks to devotion of a small group of dedicated beer enthusiasts -- the beer bloggers. You've trained your pallet, honed your writing skills, and now report on the happenings of the beer world.  You also probably know your local beer bars like no one else, and we really could use your insight:

  • Consider recommending a few of your favorite bars for International Beer Day
    • We'll do all the work of actually reaching out to them
  • Write a post announcing International Beer Day to your readers
  • Encourage local bars and breweries to participate
  • Place an IBD banner on your blog


Are you  a beer enthusiast? As a member of the press you have the eyes and ears of the world at your disposal, giving you a unique opportunity to spread the joy of International Beer Day across the globe. With your help, International Beer Day unite the world for one day each year in celebration of beer.  Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Write an article about International Beer Day celebrations in your area (we've got a press kit with logos and quick-facts etc...)
  • Interview one of the founders, we're friendly and do out best to make ourselves available for questions
  • Make a list for your readers of excellent places to celebrate IBD
  • Recommend your favorite bar

Regular Folks

By celebrating beer we celebrate life.  Through every triumph to which we've raised a glass, and every sorrow we've shared over a pint -- through the raucous nights better left forgotten and lazy summer afternoons, beer has been our trusted companion.   Let's take this day, August 5th, to appreciate what an important part of our lives Beer is. Here's how you can get involved: