Wow…the number of amazing photos we received for our photo contest this year was staggering! You all celebrated like nobody’s business, and now we have the photos to prove it!

It was extremely hard to choose the winners, and if we had more funds (we’re looking at you, beer companies…) we’d give you all prizes. Didn’t win? You can still get your very own International Beer Day shirt (in ladies and guys cuts) at our store.

Without further adieu, the winners!

1st Place: We (including the dog)
we heart IBD

2nd Place: Celebracion Con Los Amigos
Celebracion Con Los Amigos

3rd Place: B&Q boozers
B&Q boozers

Winners, you’ll be receiving your prizes in the mail as soon as we can get them to you! To everyone who entered and celebrated IBD: thank you. You’re our heroes.