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How to Celebrate International Beer Day

For those who are new to this whole International Beer Day thing, we've crafted this guide on how to celebrate -- Cheers!

Beer celebrate 1Drink Good Beer with Good Friends

If you were thinking about spending International Beer Day by yourself, think again! Drinking beer may be the most important part of celebrating International Beer Day, but we're pretty convinced that beer goes best with a little conversation.  So  drag your friends out to an IBD celebration or invite them into your home, but make sure you have some camaraderie to go with your brews.

Beer celebrate 2Find Your Nearest IBD Celebration

There may be International Beer Day Events right around the corner, and now you can find them using our interactive map of IBD celebrations:

Beer celebrate 3Give the Gift of Beer

It's a well known fact that beer tastes better when someone else buys it for you, so it's a tradition on International Beer Day to buy beer for your friends! When you present the beer, don't forget to say the traditional words of beer-giving:

"I bring you the gift of beer."

By giving the gift of beer to your friends and receiving the gift of beer in return, everyone's beer becomes much more delicious.

Beer celebrate 4Enjoy Beers From Other Cultures

It's a big beer world out there, full of wondrous new flavors.  Be adventurous, try something new on International Beer Day!

Beer celebrate 5Thank Your Brewer, Thank Your Bartender

Thousands of men and women around the world have devoted their lives to providing us with the enormous variety beers we have available to us, and on International Beer Day it's important to let these people know that we appreciate them. So write a note, leave a tip, make a call, or just say thanks, but make sure your brewers and bartenders know that you love them.