With just 7 days left until International Beer Day 2013 (Friday August 2nd!), we thought we’d help you prepare with 7 moments of Beer Wisdom. So crack open a cold one, open your mind, and prepare to be swept away in a few moments of beerthink.

#1 You can feel it in your heart

#2 Better safe than sorry

#3 Powered by Science!

#4 Who wouldn’t crave beer in the desert?

#5 The best people know all three

#6 Ancient Greek philosophers knew what was up

#7 Even Jack’s in on the action

Bonus: For your local bar

If you’re not sure if your local bar is celebrating Beer Day, we’ve made a 1-page ‘What is IBD?’ intro that explains it for them.

Just print it out, ask your bartender what they’re doing for Beer Day, and if they don’t know, backflip out of your chair* and shout “AHA! I have just the thing!” and hand them the printout. Most bartenders will be so impressed by your dexterity and gung-ho attitude that they’ll definitely celebrate, making you an IBD hero (we knew you had it in you).

Note: All backflips performed at your own risk, because backflips are hard.