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POSTED BY Evan ON 2012.08.3

A few of our favorite 2012 IBD celebrations

One of the great joys of being an International Beer Day founder is watching the hundreds of worldwide celebrations filter through our system and onto our map of celebrations. There are many, many amazing bars participating, but I figured I'd highlight a few of my favorite celebrations today.

train1) One of the most exciting celebrations I've seen is right here in the Bay Area of California, where IBD HQ is located. An enterprising local bar has decided that one bar isn't enough, and traditional bar-hopping via foot-power isn't sufficient. They've organized an all-day, train-powered trip to six different bars. You can ride safe while still hitting 6 bars in one afternoon - now that's an IBD miracle!

2) Did you know that there is a museum of beer in Portugal? We didn't until they announced that they'll be open for free all day on Sunday teaching people about the history of Portuguese beer, spinning live music, and - of course - serving beer. If that doesn't sound like the best museum trip ever, I don't know what does.

beer in snow3) And finally, Anchorage, Alaska wins for most-remote-location-to-have-amazing-celebrations. First, there's Midnight Sun Brewing Company, which says "International Beer Day has inspired us to cask age a firkin of our Brewtality Espresso Black Beer with a handful of tart cherries to make it extra special." Mmm. And equally-awesome Hella Sinful Brewery will be making rottisserie pork loins, drinking various ales, and showing The Discovery Channel's How Beer Saved the World "in en effort to help educate our friends on just how important beer really is". We salute you, Sinful.

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-Evan Hamilton
Co-Founder, International Beer Day

Train photo courtesy of cliff1066™.
Beer photo courtesy of wickenden.